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About us

Are youalso tired of meals that are oversalted, full of cheap starches and oil, foods thickened and chemically flavored? Yes, they taste good, but you just want to lie down after them. Not only in canteens, but also at weddings or company events, there is a lack of imaginative, colorful, tasty and at the same time healthy food. The kind that won't cause a guest to fall under the table or an employee to fall asleep over the keyboard.

Food should be bursting with colors, healthy macronutrients, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, nature. Food that will make you efficient at work and full of energy for the whole day. We decided to cook such food for you and for ourselves.

In addition to the permanent menu and weekly offers in the Sunshot Superfood Bar, we offer:

Sunshot's priority is not only healthy, but also sustainable eating. We serve food in recyclable ecological boxes (in shopping centers), natural bowls (stone bistro, canteens) and in the case of a box diet, the food is packed in reusable returnable packaging, where one such packaging can be reused up to 400 times and thus replaces the same number of disposable packaging.

And why "Superfood"? Because our meals are packed with superfoods, such as organic açaí fruit full of healthy fats and antioxidants or our SUPER bowls full of healthy whole grain carbohydrates, healthy fats and quality proteins from fish, chicken, eggs, vegan meatballs or grilled cheese and marinated tofu. To top it all off, plenty of vegetables, homemade hummus or the best guacamole you'll taste in Prague :-)

Anyone who likes to enjoy quality coffee will surely not be able to resist our selected coffee blend (80% Arabica, 20% Robusta), originating from Nicaragua, Ethiopia, India and Brazil. In addition, we have excellent Coffeenek coffee products, because "It's OK to be ....".

In addition, Coffeenek kefir and Coffeenek cottage cheese with coffee flavor are made from milk that contains Type A2 casein, which means that the milk is suitable for people with intolerance to the milk protein called casein. Iced coffee is made from fresh 1.5% BIO milk and is absolutely great as a dessert, which will satisfy your caffeine craving and, as a bonus, cool you down in the summer. Customers can also taste and buy cinnamon, vanilla, rose or chili flavored coffee nectar from us, which is also suitable for preparing various types of desserts and drinks.

We are what we eat. So visit us and enjoy our healthy and tasty Sunshot meals.

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