Overnight Oats 98,-
homemade chilled organic oats with chia seeds, coconut milk, grated apple, cinnamon and agave syrup
toppings: vegan yoghurt, almonds, cashews, fresh fruit
Our porridge118,-
warm porridge made of ogranic fine rolled oats, coconut milk, grated apple, cinnamon, chia seeds and agave syrup
toppings: almonds and cashews, fresh fruit,date syrup, cinnamon, mixed berries
Fit eggs88,-
farm eggs, cottage cheese, fat free Greek yoghurt, yellow mustard, decorated with tomatoes, cucumber and spring onion (with tortilla +18,-)
Our Homemade Hummus98,-
with fresh veggie sticks, flax and hemp seeds
Rio açaí168,-
base: organic açaí, banana, organic oats
toppings: homemade organic granola, coconut flakes, nuts and seeds, psyllium fibre, fresh fruit
Cinnamon açaí178,-
base: organic açaí, banana, organic oats,cinnamon, raw cocoa
toppings: homemade organic granola, fresh fruit, vegan yoghurt,
date sauce, cinnamon
Limao açaí188,-
base: organic açaí, lime juice, vegan vanilla protein, organic oats
toppings: homemade granola, coconut flakes, frozen berries, fresh fruit, vegan yoghurt,lemon wedge

Mango tango178,-
base: organic frozen mango, coconut milk, frozen banana, organic oats
toppings: mango bits, vegan yoghurt, fresh fruit, coconut flakes, goji
Allergens: 1
base: frozen berries, banana, organic oats, agave syrup
toppings: homemade granola, coconut flakes, goji, mixed berries
from 11am
Tuna Superbowl228,-
BASE: basmati rice, wholegrain cous cous, lettuce
PROTEIN: homemade tuna salad w. cottage, tomatoes and apple
TOPPINGS: fresh veggies, fried onion, pickled ginger

Salmon Superbowl238,-
BASE: steamed veggies, basmati rice, beet root, lettuce
PROTEIN: lemon smoked salmon, homemade hummus
TOPPINGS:beet root, fresh veggies, apple, flax and hemp seeds, pickled ginger

Fit Eggs Superbowl 218,-
BASE: black beans, wholegrain turmeric cous cous,iceberg lettuce
PROTEIN: fit egg, homemade hummus
TOPPINGS: pickled beet root,fresh veggies
Veggie Superbowl218,-
BASE: organic wholegrain cous cous, steamed veggies, lettuce
PROTEIN: homemade hummus, Asian tofu
TOPPINGS: steamed beet root, fresh veggies, flax and hemp seeds, pickled ginger
Halloumi Superbowl238,-
BASE: wholegrain cous cous with turmeric, organic quinoa, iceberg salad
PROTEIN: grilled halloumi cheese, fat-free Greek yoghurt
TOPPINGS: fresh veggies, olive oil, balsamic glaze
Veganballs Superbowl 238,-
BASE: basmati rice, organic quinoa, iceberg lettuce
PROTEIN: vegan meatballs made of soy and wheat proteins, homemade hummus
TOPPINGS: pickled beet root, fresh seasonal veggies, flax and hemp seeds
Guacamole Chicken Superbowl238,-
BASE: Mexican black beans, basmati rice, iceberg lettuce
PROTEIN: pulled chicken breast, chilli cottage cheese
TOPPINGS: homemade quacamole, fresh veggies, mild spicy sauce
BUILD-YOUR-OWN superbowl!248,-
choose: 1-3 bases, 1-2 protein, 1-2 toppings, 1-2 dressings
(extra protein +28,-)
Super Smoothies
(500 ml)
Apple pie98,-
whey protein, frozen banana, fresh apple, vegan milk,
cinnamon, psyllium
Peanut Butter Monster Smoothie118,-
vanilla protein, 100% crunchy peanut butter, frozen banana,
fresh banana, vegan milk
Strawberries and cream98,-
whey protein, frozen berries, frozen banana,
homemade strawberry sauce, milk
Passion fruit118,-
frozen passion fruit pulp from Brazil, organic maca,banana, apple,
agave sirup, iced cubes
frozen Brazilian mango, coconut milk, banana, organic oats
Choco chick108,-
whey chocolate protein, coconut milk, raw cocoa, coconut chips, banana
Espresso smoothie98,-
espresso, raw cocoa, ice, banana, milk, maple syrup
Açaí smoothie128,-
double dose of organic açaí, frozen banana, organic oats, banana, ice
Açaí sorbet98,-
organic açaí sorbet topped with fresh fruit, 100% crunchy peanut butter and organic dark chocolate bits
Allergens: 5
Chocolate mousse88,-
made with pasteurized egg whites,dark Belgian chocolate, raw cocoa, fat-free Greek yoghurt coverd with fresh fruit and raw cocoa
White chocolate mousse 88,-
made with pasteurized egg whites, white Belgian chocolate, fat-free Greek yoghurt covered with berries and homemade granola
Allergens: 1, 3, 7, 8
Coffee & drinks
All black coffees48,-
All white coffees58,-
plant-based milk or full cream
(Double shot)+18,-
Organic tea48,-
Homemade iced tea58,-
Homemade lemonade58,-
100% coconut water98,-
from 2 coconuts
Chai Latte68,-
Matcha Latte88,-
RAW JUICE 250ml68,-
fresh cold-pressed juice from various fruits and veggies
Ginger Shot 60ml 58,-
strong cold-pressed juice from ginger, lemon and apple to boost your immunity

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