Hi everyone!

We are Honza and Pepa. We're fitness instructors and nutritional advisors, who love to cook, and to eat even more! We've been literally tired of all the dishes offered at Prague's eateries: too much salt, artificial additives and flavours, too oily, too starchy. Sure, the food tastes good, but one feels like sleeping after eating it.

In our opinion, every meal should be rich in colours, flavours, vitamins, good macronutrients, antioxidants, nature... People should get the energy to live an active life, not waste energy just to digest. And that is the kind of food we make for ourselves and for you at SUN SHOT Superfood Bar.

Why is it super? Our food is full of superfoods abundant with antioxidants and vitamins, such as organic açaí we import from a family farm in the Amazon, and supporting local communities, or 100% clean coconut water from Thailand. We have fresh local produce as well of course. You won't see any plastic packaging at our place, but one made of plants, and our own coconut bowls we're happy to sell to you to take home.

If you're on the same page, if you do care about what you eat, if you have an active lifestyle, if you enjoy chilled atmosphere and smiling service, pop by Sun Shot Superfood bar for... well for a shot of sun!:)

Let's make Prague eat healthier together.


Honza & Pepa